Confucius Institute Scholarships

Apply for scholarships to study in China for four weeks, one semester or one year.

The Confucius Institute offers a wide range of scholarships for students who are interested in pursuing studies in China. These scholarships enable recipients to study Chinese language and culture at one of 155 host institutions, including our partner university Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). 


What is covered by the scholarship?

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Comprehensive medical insurance
  • Living allowance of CNY6600 for Four Week Scholarship students
  • Monthly living allowance (CNY2500/month) for One Semester and One Academic Year Scholarship students



  • Applicants must be current UNSW students
  • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, aged 16-35, and in good health
  • Applicants for the Four Week and One Semester Scholarships must have no prior experience of studying in China. If you have attended the Shanghai Study Tour, you are only eligible for the One Year Scholarship.
  • Submission of HSK/HSKK score reports is required (minimum scores listed below)
  • International students who are currently studying in China are not eligible
  • Students going to China through UNSW’s Exchange Program are not eligible


Scholarship Categories

Scholarship for Four Weeks

  • study periods are in December or July
  • HSK Level 1 or 2, no minimum score required
  • targetted at beginners, students with higher level proficiency will not be accepted 

Scholarship for One Semester

  • 5 month study period, beginning September or February
  • minimum score of 210 in HSK Level 3 and any HSKK score

Scholarship for One Academic Year

  • 11 month study period, beginning September or February
  • for CLL programs, minimum score of 270 in HSK Level 3 and any HSKK score
  • for TCSOL programs, minimum score of 180 in HSK Level 4 and 60 in HSKK

Note: Make sure you double check HSK requirements with the host institution that you plan to attend, as the institution may set different prerequisites. 

Choosing a University Program

Each host institution offers different courses and specialties for study. Our partner institution Shanghai Jiao Tong University currently offers two main study options:

Chinese Literature

  • study period for one semester only (5 months) beginning in Sep or Feb
  • minimum score of 210 in HSK Level 3, and 60 in HSKK Beginner Level
  • students/scholars majoring in Chinese Communication or related will take Chinese literature classes

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)

  • study period for one year only (11 months) beginning in September
  • minimum score of 290 in HSK Level 3, and 60 in HSKK Beginner Level
  • applicants should be overseas Chinese language teachers, students who plan to get MTCSOL
  • international students currently studying in China are not eligible for the scholarship

Four Week Programs will only go ahead at SJTU if there are more than 15 students from UNSW participating.

2021 SJTU Application Procedure (Chinese&English)

Although the scholarship requires individual application, please notify us of your application as approval and recommendation letters are required from Confucius Institute at UNSW.

Please send your application to Ms Na An, BEFORE April 15th, 2021 if you want to be admitted in Summer Semester of 2021 (starting July), or BEFORE May 15th, 2021 if you want to be admitted in the Autumn Semester of 2021 (starting September). 


Application Process

  1. Sit an HSK Exam at the HSK Sydney Centre. Email to enquire about the exam schedule (HSK Exams are held monthly, HSK four times per year) and to register for your exam. Also, be sure to ask for an electronic copy of score reports to be emailed to you one to two weeks after the test, instead of waiting months for the hard copy.
  2. Contact your preferred host institution to enquire about their admission times and confirm that they provide the scholarship program you wish to apply for. You can find the full list of host institutions at the CIS Website. Changes are not always updated on the website, so it is important you check first with the host institution.
  3. Register an account at the CIS website and upload the following documents: a scanned copy of your passport photo page, HSK/HSKK score reports, and letter of recommendation (to be provided by us).
  4. Send in your CV to Ms Na An at to set up an interview with Director Emma Junfang Xi, who will provide you with the required letter of recommendation upon approval.
  5. Inform both your host institution and Ms Na An once you have submitted your completed application. It is important that you keep in touch with Ms Na An, as Confucius Institute Headquarters frequently require applications to be edited and resubmitted for approval.
  6. Await notification of the result. If successful, the host institution will send you a letter of admission, visa application form (JW202), copy of the scholarship certificate and other relevant documents.

Applications are open all year round. However, we highly recommend that you begin the application process at least six months before your intended study dates if applying for One Semester or One Academic Year Scholarships, and at least four months ahead for Four Week Scholarships.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)