2019 Young Leaders - "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Trip to China"

15 students from various places, including two from UNSW, learn more and experience Chinese culture and traditions as they explore Shanghai on a two-week trip.

| 29 Jul 2019

The 2019 “Young Leaders – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Trip to China”, initiated by Hanban, promoted by the U21 University Alliance and hosted by Shanghai JiaoTong University, was a huge success. 

15 students from 9 universities all over the world spent two weeks in Shanghai where they were involved in various activities such as traditional lectures and field trips based on each students’ background and specialties. Two students of them were selected by Confucius Institute at UNSW.

Program participants have had the opportunity to visit, investigate and become culturally engaged at the well-known e-commerce group, Alibaba, Shanghai’s first AI park, ‘Shanghai Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island’, Shanghai JiaoTong University’s Student Innovation Centre to learn about 3D printing, etc.

Besides, during their two-week visit, many university professors and entrepreneurs from Shanghai JiaoTong University prepared special lectures that showcased China’s economic status and challenges. 

The student from the University of New South Wales, Lachlan James Ellison, is convinced that this trip have benefitted all students and will help them start their future careers.