Chinese Calligraphy at Chinese Gardens

Student Ambassadors from CIUNSW bring traditional Chinese Calligraphy to local residents.

| 02 Feb 2019

On the 2nd of February, student ambassadors from the CI at UNSW Sydney held a Chinese Calligraphy event for various visitors at the Chinese Garden of Friendship, located in Darling Harbour. All attendees recieved beautiful calligraphy cards with their name or personalised message written on it. The event concluded after two hours and was highly successful in attracting people of all ages to see the graceful method of Chinese Calligraphy, and to also celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Chinese Calligraphy at Chinese Gardens 1

Amongst the various Lunar New Year events happening across the Chinese Garden of Friendship, this is the first year that the CI has collaborated with them to bring traditional Chinese artforms to the wider community. This latest collaboration is an essential part of the CI’s key goals to further cultural understanding and increase commuity engagement.

In addition to the Chinese Calligraphy event, over the next week the CI will also have a dress-up photo booth to bring another important aspect of Chinese culture, traditional Chinese clothing, to the local community. 

Chinese Calligraphy at Chinese Gardens 2