Confucius Institute Headquarters Visit

| 25 Jul 2019

On July 8th, the Deputy Director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director of the National Hanban Office, Jing Wei and her team of four came to the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. The president of the UNSW, Professor Ian Jacobs, accorded cordial reception and conducted a friendly meeting. 

During the meeting, Principal Ian Jacobs recalled the “Double Ten Celebrations” held in February this year. He voiced that being able to establish this relationship and collaboration with the Confucius Institute is something that UNSWis extremely proud of, while the development of UNSW’s education in languages is dependent on further cooperation of both sides. Laurie Pearcey, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), took the ‘Young Leaders Project’ as an example to affirm both sides achievements through this collaboration. He believes the Confucius Institute plays a crucial role in helping Australia, especially the younger generations, in understanding China, improving their language skills and enhancing cross-culturalism. The Deputy Director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Jing Wei, expressed her gratitude towards UNSW for their support and understanding whilst emphasising that the Confucius Institute has always and will always be committed to developing friendly relations between China and other countries. The Confucius Institute will continue to provide the educational resources and facility resources for Chinese teaching in UNSW as well as Australia as a whole. This meeting laid a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation between the Confucius Institute and UNSW while also promoted the development of Chinese language education in Australia. Rhys Palmer, Director of Confucius Institute at UNSW, Wei Xianjun, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute of UNSW, attended this meeting. 

Later, Deputy Director-General, Jing Wei came to the Confucius Institute to supervise the work of the Confucius Institute in recent years. Finally, Deputy Director-General had a warm talk with the professional teachers along with volunteer teachers. While talking to An Na, she expressed great interest in the teaching system designed for Chinese language teaching in Australia.