Networking Night: Working in the Australia-China Landscape

CIUNSW collaborates with the ACYA to create a Q&A; panel and networking night for young professionals.

| 16 Aug 2018

On the 16th of August, Confucius Institute at UNSW Sydney and the Australian-Chinese Youth Association collaborated together to create a career-focused event for students. Nearly 100 students attended the panel talk and networking evening in Darling Harbour. The panel consisted of highly esteemed guests: Mr. Justin Steele (AussieYou Travel), Mr. Ray Xi (Head of HR, Country Garden), Ms. Victoria Kung (ABSC), Mr. Victor Xu (China Desk Manager, HSBC) and provided an extremely useful and engaging Q&A session.  

The four guests shared their experiences with working in the Chinese and Australian business environment, and also shared their thoughts about future opportunities in the market.  They also discussed China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, the impact of China’s economic transformation on Australia, key emerging industries in China and Australia, and China-Australia business culture.

After the panel, the networking session allowed for students and guests to move around freely and discuss other questions and concerns they had. The event concluded with many students commenting on their future aspirations and goals. 

This event is one of many activities that the Confucius Institute hosts in order to create strong, meaningful exchanges between China and Australia. Through this networking evening, students were able to only learn about the professional skills and responsibilities within Chinese and Australian business culture, but also learn and recognize the importance of establishing strong connections for their future endeavours. 

Networking Night: Working in the Australia-China Landscape